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(About this journal)

This journal was created using 100% free software. The backbone is seedBlogs, which I wrote myself. seedBlogs is written in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL database. PHP most often runs on top of the web server Apache, which happens to be running on this particular server.

The HTML generated by this journal is relatively standard and simple, and I did not use any CSS. Thus, this journal looks pretty good in almost any browser.

The code was written using the Emacs text editor.

The graphics (and initial layout prototype) were created with Sodipodi and tweaked a bit using Gimp. Six different fonts were used to make the 6-asterix logo.

All non-code contents, including graphics, layout, and posts, are placed in the public domain. The seedBlogs software is currently licensed under the GPL.


--Diamond Trust
--Release Log
--Arthouse Games

Reading List:
--Riding in Cars with Boys
--The Communist Manifesto
--The FairTax Book
--The Two Cultures
--Fast Times at Ridgemont High
--Be More Chill
--Rethinking Our Centralized Monetary System

Older Posts:
--Art Game Conference
--Diamond Trust of London
--New game: Primrose
--New Game: Between
--MUTE hits 1,000,000
--New Game Sketch: Crude Oil
--New Game Sketch: i45hg
--New Game Sketch: Regret
--New Game Sketch: Immortality
--Two New Game Sketches

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