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North Country Notes Release Approaching
by jcr13Tuesday, May 24, 2005 [9:48 am]

I have been polishing the North Country Notes website in preparation for a public release of this local currency in July. I have also been doing quite a bit of face-to-face work in the community (i.e., in addition to programming and web work) to promote the currency and set up a system for two-way exchange for US dollars.

I wrote this article, which will appear in the upcoming newsletter for the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce.

I am currently out of town visiting family and will be heading to Ireland for a wedding tomorrow. I will be back home on June 3rd. I plan to spend the month of June working on the NCN project in preparation for the release (publishing a handbook; compiling a "starter kit" for local businesses; and making flyers and brochures).

Though this particular project may seem to be of local interest only, there will hopefully be long-term implications that will benefit everyone. After this basic local currency gains acceptance in Potsdam, I will be able to use the Potsdam community as test-bed for more experimental currency research.

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