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Village's Appeal Dismissed
by jcr13Sunday, January 14, 2007 [10:16 am]

In November 2006, I filed a motion with the County Court asking that the Village's appeal be dismissed (on the grounds that their Notice of Appeal attempted to paint my acquittal as a dismissal, and on the grounds that an acquittal is not appealable).

In mid-December, I received notice from the County Court that the my motion had been granted and the appeal had been dismissed.

I will post more details about this when I have a chance.


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by SergeyFriday, April 25, 2008 [9:23 am]

Well, congratulations! I think you've done an admirable job, educating both yourself and the people around you in the process.
I live in another country with other laws, but I've been following your story and it has inspired and given me courage to fight for what I believe. Thank you, Jason.
Good luck to you in the future. Stay cool.


by Andrew MinneryMonday, July 21, 2008 [3:38 pm]

Just wanted to say good for you in winning your case. Im a recent SUNY Potsdam grad and have had to deal with the court on several occasions. They're awful in regards to respect for its citizens, especially college students and anyone who doesn't fit the north country stereotype (you know what Im talking about). Some sort of power trip, I guess. I can't believe they would waste so much time and resources on your beautiful lawn. What a joke. I hope Potsdam does better in the future-for having such great residents, the government doesn't seem to reflect it's good citizens.
Good luck to you,


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